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Choi Ung and Yeon Su resolve to keep away from one another

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The newest episode of Our Beloved Summer sees Choi Ung (Choi Woo Shik) start revealing to documentary filmmaker Ji Ung that he’s the type of one who prefers to keep away from any type of confrontation. He even quotes Solar Tzu’s Artwork of Warfare to elucidate that he doesn’t agree with the final in relation to the assumption that the most effective type of protection is assault.

Observe: This text accommodates spoilers!

The viewers see flashes of moments from Choi Ung’s previous when he ran away from issues. From when he’s at school as a younger child to when he dates Yeon Su (Kim Da Mi), he continues to run away from his issues. Nonetheless, that doesn’t appear to be the case within the current. After asking Yeon Su why the 2 of them couldn’t meet one another cordially and ask about one another’s well-being, Choi Ung is embarrassed.

Initially, he avoids her and all conversations about her. Even when his supervisor throws him a debut occasion, he runs away upon listening to that Yeon Su is invited. He isn’t in a state to satisfy Yeon Su after having requested her a heartfelt query the evening earlier than. As a substitute, he goes to a park the place he sits right down to ponder about his relationship with Yeon Su.

Choi Ung seemingly offers up on Yeon Su once more in ‘Our Beloved Summer time’

Regardless of having tried to keep away from Yeon Su, Choi Ung crosses paths together with her in a library. It’s revealed that the 2 had an identical second previously after they had prevented one another. Then too, the 2 had crossed paths in a library. Yeon Su is stunned to search out Choi Ung with a guide about Friedrich Nietzsche. She believes that he’s not sensible sufficient to grasp the guide. She tells him that in Our Beloved Summer time, however is stunned to search out out that he’s certainly within the thinker.

Within the current of Our Beloved Summer time, nevertheless, the 2 of them find yourself getting awkward round one another. Choi Ung strikes previous this awkwardness to recommend that the 2 of them have a meal collectively. He brings her to his mother and father’ restaurant. She is hesitant at first, however very quickly, she feels at house. As the 2 share a meal collectively in Our Beloved Summer time, Choi Ung tries to ask her once more.

What was her life like in his absence in Our Beloved Summer time, he wonders and upon asking her, all that he will get in response is that she has been doing effectively. This reminds him of the a number of occasions previously when she refused to share about her life. This reminds him of how his relationship together with her had all the time left him anxious with fear. He confesses that he’s now sick of feeling this fashion and it appears to be like like he’s prepared to surrender on Yeon Su.

The one drawback in Our Beloved Summer time is that his greatest buddy and the documentary filmmaker Ji Ung decides to take the recommendation of a author and plans a pressured journey with Choi Ung and Yeon Su. This would possibly push the 2 of them collectively in Our Beloved Summer time.

Edited by Mason J. Schneider

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